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Keep your property sparkling clean!

Hello! Tim and Nicky here! We are the owners/operators of Arkansas Housewashers! We specialize in the exterior cleaning of all kinds. We know that such projects can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our goal is to give you an honest assessment of your project while providing upfront costs and a clear plan. Believe it or not, it is still possible to get amazing results in a timely fashion. We want you to feel satisfied and overjoyed by the results of our soft washing treatments!

We endeavour to build long-standing relationships, and that you will call us back year after year, with project after project. Finally, a professional team you can trust will show up and complete your project in a timely fashion!

Safe & Eco-friendly

Our solutions are bio-degradable, and our true-blue application method ensures your personal property, landscaping and pets are safe.


We ensure that you will get fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service every time. We also are licensed and insured.

Giving to Community

We love spending time in volunteer work. We have travelled to several different hurricane relief projects, rebuilding homes and replacing roofs for those in need.

The team of Arkansas Housewashers.

What our customers say.

"Professional & timely. The consulted with me regarding the various aspects of the job (...). I was well pleased with the results of job. I would highly recommend this company."
Andrew B.
"Fantastic results, I could not be more pleased. Professional, personable, clearly focused on quality. Provided me an honest assessment of the work needed with a honest quote."
Ks Fielding
"House looks better than ever after the Arkansas Housewashers team washed it with anti-microbial plus rinse. Good folks, great to work with."
Gary Hogan
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How Can We Help You?

Make a first-class impression by keeping your home and business's exterior neat and shiny. Our solution cleans and sanitizes with incredible, immediate results. We ensure that the bacteria that creates buildup is not just partly swept away, but eliminated.


Enhance your property's beauty safely.

Is "the green and black stuff" overtaking your property? Discover the long-lasting benefits of soft washing! Soft washing neutralizes the bacteria, algae, mildew and moss first. Then we wash it away using a low-pressure rinse. Soft washing treats the underlying cause and leaves your home looking impeccable, adding instant curb appeal.

Benefits of soft wash
Longer lasting than pressure washing
Soft washing is low pressure, similar to the pressure of a garden hose
Provides cleaner results

Soft washing is perfect for vinyl, brick, wood, stucco, glass, Dryvit and EFIS, to name a few.

Restore my property's shine!

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State before house getting a wash.
State after house getting a wash.
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State before a house in Arkansas gets a roof wash.
State after a house in Arkansas gets a roof wash.


Wash away the most challenging dirt.

Have you ever wondered what the black streaks are on your roof? It's bacteria with a filament root system that eats away at roofing materials resulting in granular loss, swelling and decomposition. All bacteria, mold, mildew and algae need to be treated with the appropriate solution to ensure its elimination. We provide manufacturer-approved cleaning solutions.

Maintain a healthy living environment for your family and boost your home or business' curb appeal.

Extended Roof Life
Avoid costly roof repairs by maintaining your roof clean and bacteria-free.

Energy Efficient
Having a clean and lighter roof can save you money on your monthly electric bill.

Enhance my property's look!


Make your property's overall look clean and shiny.

Are your driveway and walkways turning black, green and slippery? Avoid a costly slip and fall by hiring us to clean them! Do you have a grease spill or oil problem? We have the products and equipment to eliminate it!

We address the underlying problem by neutralizing the bacteria, algae, and moss that cause the discoloration of the surface. Following the treatment, we then use a high-pressure surface cleaning machine for deep cleaning. We follow with a post-treatment to provide long-lasting results.

Ensure you come home to a clean driveway, sidewalk, porch, wood deck, pool deck or that your business has safe and clean surfaces.

Boost my property's Curb Appeal!

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Dirty alley on a property in Arkansas.
Clean state after a pressure washing.
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State of a deck in Arkansas before a soft wash.
State of a deck in Arkansas after a soft wash.


Bring your wood back to life.

Algae, bacteria, and a buildup of organic debris cause significant damage to the decking and a hazardous slip danger! Also, the effects of weather on unprotected wood are immediate. The sun, rain, snow and morning dew can quickly cause wood to warp, split and crack, and lead to expensive repairs and replacement.

We offer wood restoration for all your exterior wood structures and surfaces. We are a certified deck restoration company by the Deck Restoration Plus Institute Contractor. You can rely on us for a complete restoration of your deck.

Bring my deck back to life!


Save your property from lingering pest infestations and water damage.

It's easy to forget about your gutters and neglect to have them cleaned, but if you go too long without a proper gutter cleaning, your house could be in trouble. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to both your home's interior and exterior. We can help to clean your gutters and avoid the danger of climbing a ladder to fish out any clogged debris. We will clean your gutters efficiently and keep water flowing away from your home safely.

Take care of my gutters!

Our Promise To You

We promise to be reliable and take our time to understand exactly what your needs are. We will make sure that before we leave, you are 100% satisfied. Have peace of mind that we will go beyond your expectation to ensure your happiness.

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